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A Guide to Regulated VS Unregulated Forex Brokers

Before funding your Forex trading account, it would be better to learn further about regulated VS unregulated Forex brokers. There is no doubt that trading Forex would involve a broker to help you connect to the market. Unfortunately, picking one is not as easy as you might ever think. 

Selecting the right Forex broker would include a variety of factors to consider. From regulation to features, you need to take all of these things into account before deciding a final choice. It is becoming more challenging since there are scam brokers as well.

Of course, you need to avoid registering with a scam broker if you don’t want to lose your money without any good result. While there are still many other risks awaiting you in the Forex market, registering with a bad broker would be nothing good.

To protect your funds and profits, working with a trusted broker is a must. As you search for the right broker to work with, regulated and unregulated Forex brokers would come across. Read on to learn further about it and our recommendation for you.


What to Know About Regulated VS Unregulated Forex Brokers

No one can deny that dealing with financial markets is complicated. To help those who have just entered the market and don’t know much about the market, the role of regulation is important. Knowing that a broker is regulated could help novice traders choose their best Forex broker.

When you find a regulated Forex broker, this means the broker has obtained a license to perform in the market. At this point, a regulated broker should operate based on the regulations and industry standards. It may include presenting audits and assessments on a regular basis. 

Moreover, a regulated Forex broker might need to guarantee transparency as well. Ultimately, a regulated broker is also supposed to protect its investor money and profits. This is what you should note from a debate between regulated VS unregulated Forex brokers. 

Different from an unregulated Forex broker, a regulated Forex tends to list its regulator obviously on its official website and social media. But, it is not impossible to meet some unregulated Forex brokers in the market. Their goal is to acquire your money without granting anything in return. 

The number of Forex regulators itself is pretty numerous. Depending on their base countries and features, Forex regulators would have their uniqueness. International Financial Services Commission or in short IFCS is one of the regulators in the Forex market that comes from the Belize government.

The Best Regulated Forex Broker to Work With

One of the regulated brokers from the IFCS is Salma Markets. Salma Markets Forex broker is a reputable company offering a collection of features to help you make the most of the Forex market. With a swap-free account, this broker makes a good option for Islamic traders as well.

When it comes to regulated VS unregulated Forex brokers, you could indeed take Salma Markets into account since it is a regulated one. Besides, Salma Markets also offer other benefits such as a user-friendly MetaTrader 4 trading platform, bonus rebates, low spreads, various deposit options, and others.

Depending on how much you deposit your fund, there is a possibility to get a gift. At the time of the writing, you could obtain free iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Note, and t-shirt. You could also benefit from its free-swap feature to apply a hedging strategy if necessary.

In conclusion, joining a regulated broker is a must if you don’t want to lose your money without results in the Forex market. To make it comes true, you should register your Forex account with Salma Markets. That’s all everything you need to know about regulated VS unregulated Forex brokers.



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