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Learn Forex Trading Sessions to Maximize Your Profit

Once you’re trading in the currency market, Forex trading sessions must be something familiar. Since the currency market is open all day and night through Monday to Friday, there are some trading sessions available. Among these sessions, some of them are considered the major ones.

The Asian session, the London session, and the US session are considered the main sessions in the Forex market. These three major markets’ center could demonstrate such exceptional characteristics compared to the others. These tendencies let you perform successful tactics at any time. 

Even though the currency market is often called the most liquid one among the other financial markets, there is still time for stable and passive volatility. That is why being aware of the different sessions in the Forex market could help you create a perfect tactic.

You should recognize that each session in the Forex market has a distinctive trait, making it unique from one to another. During the three major sessions mentioned before, the market is typically dynamic. To learn further about these three Forex trading sessions, keep reading.


Three Major Sessions in the Forex Market

One of the reasons why the Forex market is very dynamic during the major sessions is because big banks, large institutions, and many retail traders are joining the market. The Asia session is the first to open on each trading day. Tokyo becomes the center of the Asian trading session.

For your information, there is a trend for ranges to hold during the Asian trading session. Then, about 6 percent of the Forex transactions worldwide are carried out throughout this session. Next, let’s welcome the biggest and most crucial trading session in the Forex market that is centered in London.

The European trading session is known to be the most liquid period in the Forex market since there is approximately 34 percent of Forex daily volume is engaged in this session. This one of the major Forex trading sessions also has the biggest participants throughout the day.

It has something to do with the fact that most of the biggest banks in the world have dealing desks in London. For this reason, the European session is typically more volatile than the Asian and US sessions. Then, this session owns a tendency for fast and active swifts too.

Next, there is the US session or the second-biggest trading market after the European session. Centered in New York, this session holds around 16 percent of the global Forex transactions. Most of the deals happen throughout the overlap between the European and US session. 

When Is the Perfect Period to Trade Forex?

Then, when would be the right time to trade after we know these major trading sessions? Most traders suggest trading from 7 pm to 11 pm GMT. But, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make transactions during the other Forex trading sessions. 

Moreover, to maximize your profit in trading Forex, you should trade with the best Forex broker as well. Your perfect tactic would be in vain if you don’t trade Forex with the right broker. By working with the right broker, your transactions would be executed properly.

There will be no risk of being scammed by the broker as well. If you don’t know which broker to trade with, Salma Markets Forex broker is the right choice. Salma Markets has been known to be a reputable STP broker with competitive spreads and various benefits.

In conclusion, recognizing the right time to trade could help you create the best strategy to win in the Forex market. Then, to support your strategy, don’t forget to trade with a trusted broker like Salma Markets. Thus, you can always take advantage of any Forex trading sessions perfectly. 




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