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Some of the Most Prominent Forex Traders Ever

Following the story of the most prominent Forex traders could encourage you to keep going on in this financial market. It’s no secret that starting Forex trading could be something intimidating for some beginner traders. But, with good motivation, learning the Forex market might be easier.

We cannot deny that there are a lot of Forex traders all around the world. However, there are only some well-known Forex players recognized by the international world. Most of them are known to have gained incredible results during trading Forex. 

These strong figures in the Forex market are also the ones that influence the investment industry nowadays. Many beginner Forex traders decide to follow their strategies and winning stories to make great achievements in the Forex market. Then, who are these prominent Forex traders in question? 


The Most Prominent Forex Traders You Should Know

When it comes to the most famous traders in the Forex market, George Soros is a name that you need to mention. Soros started his financial career by working in several firms until establishing his own management. Soros’ firm has created over 40 billion dollars of profits.

Soros’ is becoming more famous in 1992 when he was able to break the Bank of England by gaining one billion dollar profit after trading GBP (British pound sterling). At that time, the U.K. even dispose of the currency since it has failed to maintain the trading band. 

Because of this achievement, Soros is considered as one of the top traders in the Forex market history. Soros is also known as one of the wealthiest people on this planet. Next, Stanley Druckenmiller is another one of the most prominent Forex traders. 

Different from Soros, Stanley started his career as a management trainee in a bank before developing his own company afterward. Interestingly, Stanley initially worked with Soros and marked the success of breaking the Bank of England. Despite the economic collapse in 2008, Stanley continues his success. 

Andrew Krieger is another prominent name in the Forex market. It only takes a short time until the international world knows Krieger’s name. New Zealand dollar becomes the focus of Krieger since he thought this currency is vulnerable in terms of short selling.

One of the most notable moments done by Krieger is when he applied 400:1 leverage to his trading limit. As a result, Krieger obtains a short position larger than the money supply of New Zealand. At that time, Krieger could acquire 300 million of profits.

The Key to Becoming a Prominent Forex Trader

You have already known some of the most prominent Forex traders in the market. Now the question is: what are their strategies to become a famous and successful figure in the Forex market? Of course, they have their own strategies to win the Forex market. 

However, we cannot deny that all of these successful Forex traders have one thing in common: confidence. Most successful Forex traders are very confident and able to put their money at the right moment. Such things are possible when you learn the Forex market constantly. 

More importantly, these successful traders must register in the best Forex broker. Your powerful trading strategies won’t work if you join a scam broker in the Forex market. Thus, keep in mind that opening a trading account with a reliable broker is a must.

If you don’t know which broker to choose, SalmaMarket could be a good choice. Offering various benefits including deposit bonuses and partnership chances, SalmaMarket Forex broker won’t let you unsatisfied with its services. Plus, SalmaMarket also provides you with an advanced platform. 

In conclusion, exposing yourself with success stories from other traders may encourage you to keep on moving in the Forex market. Considering the importance of a broker in winning the Forex market, open your trading account with SalmaMarket and be one of the most prominent Forex traders. 



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