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The Lowest Spread Forex Broker in Asia

Who doesn’t want to trade with the lowest spread Forex broker? It could be every Forex trader’s dream to work with a broker that offers low spreads. Trading with low spreads could mean that you gain more profit in the Forex market. 

Then, what does spread in the Forex market mean exactly? Before discovering what spread is, you should know that there is a term bid and ask in the Forex market. The term bid refers to the quote at which traders could trade the base currency. 

Meanwhile, the term ask refers to the quote at which traders could purchase the base currency. Then, the discrepancy between the bid and ask is what so-called the spread. The spread allows Forex brokers to earn some money from their clients’ trading activity. 

It is especially true when your broker offers a no-commission feature. Even without charging a commission, your broker could still take advantage of spreads to gain some money. Now the question is: why the lowest spread Forex broker matters at this point? 


A Quick Introduction to Forex Broker Spreads

Generally, the lowest spread means there is the smallest discrepancy between the prices of the bid and ask. When you are trading within the key sessions, it would be better to trade with a low spread. This is because the volatility is more likely to be low as well.

In the Forex market, spread itself is valued in so-called pips, the tiniest unit of a particular currency pair’s price progress. Considering most pairs in the Forex market, 0.0001 portrays one pip. For example, EUR/USD is traded at 1.2031/1.2033. This means the spread is 2 pips. 

From the example above, you could see that spread is the difference between a bid price (1.2031) and an ask price (1.2033). Moreover, in the Forex market, there are two main kinds of spreads including fixed and variable spreads. Your broker type would influence this issue.

The lowest spread Forex broker could offer either fixed or variable spreads. Dealing desk brokers or those acting as the market markets typically present fixed spreads for their traders. Meanwhile, non-dealing desk brokers usually offer variable spreads for their clients. 

As the name suggests, fixed spreads will remain similar despite the market circumstances. On the other hand, variable spreads keep adjusting depending on the market conditions. With variable spreads, your trading could be more transparent, especially in terms of pricing.

Forex Broker with the Most Competitive Spread

There are some other benefits of trading with variable spreads. One of them is a more reasonable price available. The brokers will allow you to access price transparently, so it would be easier to choose one with better pricing since your broker gets price access from various liquidity providers.

Then, which is the lowest spread Forex broker out there? Among the huge number of Forex brokers out there, some of them offer such a low spread compared to others. If you want to deal with the best Forex broker with a low spread, Salma Market could be the answer. 

Salma Market is one of the trusted Forex brokers that have gained a lot of awards. It has been one of the brokers to offer a reasonable spread as well. As a non-dealing desk broker, you could expect the benefits of trading with a variable spread. 

Salma Market Forex broker also offers many other benefits for its clients. For instance, you can enjoy a bonus rebate of 50 percent by opening your account with this broker. During particular promo seasons, you can even get smartphones or other gifts.

In conclusion, trading with Forex brokers that offer lower spreads could give you more benefits in trading. To maximize this effort, you could work with Salma Market that offers the advantages of variable spreads as well. That’s all a bit about the lowest spread Forex broker. 



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