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demo Market News

Economic Roundup In The First Quarter Of The Year

It might sound odds, but market uncertainty in some ways is indeed a good thing, as it refreshes the market and wiping out the bad asset. This is a good balancing event for the national economy after in the bullish period for over a decade, and hence more and more market has been consolidated. 

You need this kind of uncertainty to give you the fresh economic outlook, and also to level the playing field for the newcomer in the business as well. But it is not that rosy for the trader, as the uncertain stock market for them meaning that their whole asset can be at risk, especially in the time of crises. 

But you don’t have to be afraid since the stock market usually will recover itself, and usually at a faster rate even before the whole market has collapsed. This is a challenge for the market, as well as the trader to test their skill and wit to navigate in the time of crises.


Knowing What Happen With The Economy Can Be Very Important

Knowing something that will help you to navigate the economy is a huge boon, and therefore you need to understand what kind of the driving force are behind the economy, and what kind of sentiment that is currently affecting the whole economy.

The answer may be very complicated as there are so many sentiments that are working on, especially today. Here are some of the examples of the market sentiment you can see today.

1. Fear of the viral outbreak

Human is far from the rational being, and being so we are so easily influenced by several facts which seem to be irrelevant for the business, such as the coronavirus.

This is a very devastating thing you can have for human lives and the economy, but sometimes and often it is not as bad as you would think. Eventually, the fear of spreading the virus has made the world’s economy come to a halt, at least temporarily until the virus has been stamped out.

2. Flooding in Indonesia

This one is very tangible sentiment and annoyingly can disrupt the whole economy in Jakarta and Indonesia. Jakarta is now experiencing the worst flood for decades, and this is a mix between the severe rainfall and the mismanagement of the governor in tackling the issue.

This has quite a devastating impact, as the economy slows down, and even stagnate. The flood is disturbing the traffic and thus the goods that are being moved around the capital city.

3. Iran-us conflicts ceased

Iran and the US are at the brink of war, as two of the countries are exchanging rockets, and many politicians and analysts believe that the trigger can cause another major war which is very devastating to the global economy.

But this is not happening, and the people can now rest assured as the conflict has been de-escalated and now the region is moving gradually to a more stable state. But the renewed conflict seems to re-emerge, as the Palestinians are rejecting the peace treaty proposed by the US and her allies.

Trade Cleverly And Gain Massive Profit

On the light side, stock trading is more modern today as the instrument for trading itself has been quite advanced. Instead of coming directly to the stock exchange building, you can just now trade your stock using the app.

This is a revolutionary approach for the system, and opening more opportunities for the newcomer. You can use better and more accurate apps to trade stock today, and you can gain massive revenue if you can handle your trade well.



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