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demo Market News

F&B Hits Hardest As Countries Limit Imported Goods From China

One of the most astonishing things in our time is to be able to trade stock freely, and hence you can start trading things on your own, and also gain massive revenue. The stock trading process is used to be dominated by the elite and the affluent, but now you can access so many stock companies and you are now able to access the market. But to be successful, you need to understand how the game is played and also on how the market works.

The stock trading process is not easy at all, and you will need some skills and also some understanding of the economy. to do so, you need to understand the main sentiment of the market itself, and only by then, you can start making some wise decision. But unfortunately, the stock sentiment is numerous and you need to make sure that you can grasp the major news and sentiment before deciding to purchase or sell a certain stock.


Detecting Trust In The Market

The market is very volatile, everyone knows that but the big question would be on what is the sentiment that is currently affecting the whole market. The answer may vary across the world and events, but usually, the general answer would be trusted. Trust itself is very important as it will generate confidence among the investors, and you will need such a thing to locate the good and potential aspects. Here are some sentiments that are affecting our economy today.

1. A high tariff on goods

The talk about tariff is first started by the nationality sentiment incurred by Donald Trump in his first term of presidency. The US, as he claimed is losing the trade as they have a trade deficit, and meaning that they are importing things more than the US exporting goods. To limit the import, the US imposes a high tariff on the Chinese goods, which in turn makes the Chinese impose their tariff to retaliate. This is the trade war and is currently ongoing to this day.

2. The decline of consumption

As the market destabilizes due to the tariff war, the people are now worried about consuming things, and now prefer to save their money for the rainy day. This, in turn, reducing consumption and hence reducing the size of the economy and the flow of goods, as the manufacturer's company are being hit the most. This is some way could be tackled by the Keynesian stimulus, but it is still not happening today. Currently, the economy is in stagnation, as Indonesia’s GDP is barely holding at 5% growth.

3. Viral outbreak

If the trade war is not enough, the world’s market is exacerbated by the viral outbreak of corona which is started by Wuhan. The virus itself is considered to be lethal and has taken a toll on about 320 people inside mainland China and other countries. This sentiment is also very high to the market, as many countries are afraid of importing food and good for consumption from China, and this could become a great deal if not treated well.

Regaining Confidence For The Economy

The world’s economy today is in a pretty bleak state, and hence you need to be clever if you want to survive as a trader. To do so, you need to make sure that you understand the fundamental of the economy, and also the sentiment that drives it. You need also to learn so many things and read the news to get a better grasp of the trade you are conducting right now.



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