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demo Market News

Middle East Destabilized Due To The Prolonged Border Conflict

The advancement in technology has brought upon us so many new things, such as the app to trade stock directly to the android or iPhone you are holding.

You don’t have to follow the complicated process to trade stock, as you just need to register yourself to one of the trading markets you can access. Fortunately, there is a lot of markets you can access, starting from the salma market to the forex app which you can access just easily.

To access the app, you need to register yourself, and the process itself is very easy and hence you will be able to follow it. You just need to insert you're full nake and also phone number, and you need to have the bank account since the trading process will be conducted online.

Once you have accessed the app, then you can download them and use them to purchase some stock you want to buy and resell it at a higher price.


The Basic Of Trading For Every Beginner

The trading stock process is quite simple, as you just need to search for your desired stock, and then resell it at the price you want them to be. But in that process, there are a lot of things you need to understand, such as the market sentiment.

As you can guess, the price of each stock is not based on the company’s value, but rather than the sentiment. Here is some ongoing sentiment that we currently feel in the world that affected the market.

1. The viral outbreak of corona

The coronavirus is everywhere in the media, and hence if you want to learn more about the stock trading, then you need to understand the coronavirus itself. The coronavirus starts in Wuhan and has spread towards many countries, and has spread as far as Malaysia.

The virus itself is quite deadly and as 300 people have fallen victim to it, and more than SARS in the previous decade. The market is affected by the spread of the virus as people avoid Chinese goods.

2. Middle east destabilized

This is one of the minor conflicts that could potentially grow into a full-blown international crisis. The Syria-Iran conflict is first started as the border conflict, and now both parties are preparing themselves for a major war in the region.

Many countries have tried to intervene in the conflict such as Russia and Turkey, but the conflict is not yet de-escalated. It will take some effort to make peace in the region, as the market and investors are very anxious in the upcoming weeks.

3. EU to lost Britain

The news about the referendum is actually quite old, but PM Boris Johnson declared that today and from now on, UK is seceding from the EU, and is already in the move.

The market is not quite shocked as many experts have already predicted the move, but as for the British government are now In debate to make the trade treaty draft with the EU, many investors are skeptical about the result. This weakened the GBP and hence the Britain economy as well.

Focus On Your Trade

As a trader, you need to trade into something you understand, such as manufactures, insurance and so on. If you have already locked onto the target of your trade, then you can start learning more about them.

The more specialized the trade you have, the better it is and hence you need to learn as much as you can into the sectors you can handle, and not spread the risk without you know what you are going to do.



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