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The Tesla Stock to Decline and More Latest News

There are a lot of people who are trying their luck to brave the stock market, but the stock market is not something you can rely on your luck alone, as you need to master the skill and also the instinct to be able to read the market and finally conquer it to gain money.

You need to work very hard and also learn a lot of news to be able to grasp the things you need to know to become a successful stock trader. One thing is for sure, you need to learn the market sentiment. To learn about this, you need to make sure that you understand the sentiment in the first place. 

The sentiment is hard to explain, as it is intangible, and sometimes even not exactly true, but since this is economy, and economy involves a lot of feeling, then the sentiment usually comes with it. You need to feel the sentiment to be able to predict the general direction of the market.


Studying News to Feel the Sentiment

To feel the sentiment, it is obvious that you need to understand the market and also on how you can learn about it. The news is accessible and you can find it everywhere. But you need to analyze the news and interpret what it means to the economy.

The news about the coronavirus is not merely a health issue, as it is also an economic issue. Here is several news which is correlated deeply to the economy in our society today.

1. Tesla stock drop due to overpromise

Elon musk is an interesting figure, but not always on the positive side, as he has one of the major flaws which is overpromised. Last day, we saw him said that the wants to send a thousand rocket to colonize Mars, which is already a huge and almost impossible task.

This kind of speech is useful to inspire the co-worker but not important for the investors, as they start seeing that he is currently unable to do so, and thus weakening the tesla stock altogether.

2. Syria-Iran conflict might destabilize the region

The middle eastern region is one of the most volatile regions you can see, and the region is preparing for another war which incited by the spirit-Iran border conflict.

War is always expensive and also very costly to the global economy and thus if the war ever happened, then the global market will surely take a huge blow. For now, investors such as in Aramco and many middle eastern companies are still waiting for both the country's next move in the conflict.

3. The spread of coronavirus shows no sign of slowing down

One of the most notorious viruses spread from china, which is a coronavirus, is now spreading beyond the Chinese border. As the virus continues to spread person to person, the Chinese official allows the US experts now to analyze the pattern of the virus to stop it once and for all.

The investors are now confident by the joint two global powerhouses, the virus can be stopped and the global market can come back to a more promising state.

The Basic of Trading

Before you can understand the trading and try to make a profit, you need to understand the basics of trading itself and how it works. You need to purchase a certain stock, and then you can start selling the stock at a higher price. 

You need to hold the stock for some moments, to wait for the market to give some value to the stock itself, and sell them when the time is right.



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