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demo Market News

Trade Wars To Escalate Despite Virus Raging On

Many traders, including the veteran and the, experienced still see that crises are bad and can ruin the whole of the asset of them. that statement is partially true, since the crises, just like what happened in the 08 are proving to be disastrous and leaving many people losses their massive amount of money. But that is only a part of the story, as several people can emerge from the crises even richer than before the crises, and one of them is warren buffet.

Warren Buffet is a legendary investor and stock trader, and he never owned any business except his school of investment. After the crises of the 60s, the wealth of warrant buffet has arisen for about 5bn USD, and that is no small amount of money. The reason behind this is that he is succeeded in turning crises into opportunities, something that not many people can do. And thus, you need to learn to think like him if you want to create your fortune.


How To Turn The Crises Into Opportunity

One of the most important things you need to understand is what caused the crises in the first place. The great recession in the 30s is caused by the overconsumption of loans, and eventually, people are not being able to repay their loans. The crises in the 08 are one of the same, as people are unable to pay their house mortgage loan. If you can acquire the asset which has been foreclosed, then you can acquire them very cheaply. Here is some news you can access to learn about the economy of the world right now.

1. General travel ban and from china

One of the most defining moments in the q1 is the coronavirus and its spread, and hence many countries, including Indonesia, are now issuing a travel ban to and from China. It is very important to note that China is the trading partner to many countries, and the ban surely will have an impact on the global economy. this has led to many speculations and also to the weakening of so many currencies against china, as they are reluctant to trade.

2. Trade wars

The trade war is not recent, but it is still underway as both countries are reluctant to give in some tariff policy that has been previously imposed. The trade war itself began after china retaliates by imposing a higher tariff on the goods that come from America. This enrages the president and then he raises some other tariff, such as the rubber tax, the steel tax and so on. The battle is still ongoing, and no clear winner is in sight.

3. British secede from the EU

The secession of Britain from the EU will leave many people wondering what will become the UK after they leave the EU. One thing is for sure, that there are so many things that the UK needs to be done, such as to draft a new trade agreement between the UK and the whole world, as it doesn’t have one. many speculations is skeptical about the trade agreement, as they assume it will be a very long and also a tough issue for both sides.

How To Deal With The Issues Above

It is certain that so much news we have covered above will have a tremendous impact on the general economy and the stock, but you need to find the room for you to exploit. To make a fortune, you can purchase the low price stock and then keep it until the market stabilizes and you will start seeing some profit trickling in.



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