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demo Market News

UK To Secede From EU And Currently Drafting A New Trade Agreement

Stock trading is quite complicated, but if you stick to the fundamental of it then you will be fine. The very basic of stock trading is that you purchase a certain stock and then you resell it at a higher price.

In this context, there are three types of stock traders which are the one who sells their stock on the same day or one day trader, the one who waits for a week, and the one who waits for several months and even years which is the super trader.

Nevertheless, the stock trading is very different from the investment scheme, as the stock trading process is to generate money as fast as they can, and eventually, you can gain money in the relatively short term.

This is different from investing your business, as you can just need to drop your money and then wait for it in your lifetime, and then reap the benefit when you are about to retire. This is why some forms of investment are very popular among people today.


Dealing With The News As A Trader

Trader or investor alike, you need to understand the whole news to gain knowledge about the market as a whole. First of all, you need to analyze the news and predict what that event will affect the economic sectors.

And then, you need to adjust properly, which is either by pulling your money out of the stock market or add even more money. Here is some news that is crucial for the economy today that you need to learn.

1. Britain secede from the European Union

The UK is one of the core members of the EU, which is quite shocking to the world that Britain finally did secede from the EU. The one thing is for sure, that this event will be very impactful for the economy, and thus you need to learn how and why.

The UK didn’t have the trade agreement to trade for the EU and the EU member countries as it is used to be covered up by the EU. But now as the Brexit occurs, the EU needs to have the basic treaties to trade with them.

2. The viral outbreak in china

The Wuhan coronavirus is now spreading to the rest of the Asian region, including Thailand, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Malaysia. The Chinese government is taking some swift measures to combat the spread of the virus, but needless to say, the virus will hit the economy hard.

The countries that are close to China, including Indonesia, is already issuing the travel warning, and hence the goods and services that flow outward and inward to china are severely blocked.

3. Global economic slowdown

All of the events above combined and then we have the global economic slowdown, which is even the USD is affected by the current crises. It is safe to say that the current crises are not that large, and the scale can be quite diminished by the time.

But for now, the crises itself is quite devastating to the region and the global market as a whole, and it will take a joint effort by many countries to quell the crises and finally rejuvenate the economy once again.

Taking Care Of Your Asset

If you are already trading before the crises began, then you will be most likely to be hit by the asset losses, but that is not alarming, as everyone now experiences the same. One thing you can do is to keep onto your asset and also be prepared for the worst.



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