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Partner Agreement

IB rights and obligations



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1. IB rights and regulations :

1.1. IB has a right to:

1.2. Promote the Company’s services, website, promotions,

special offers and other relative information.

1.3. Perform any actions compatible with IBs country legislation

and business ethics to attract clients.

1.4. Open accounts for Clients using IB’s referral link.

1.5. Receive IB commission for Client’s trades.

1.6. Provide clients with Company’s information, news releases,

updates, etc.

2. IB obligations :

2.1. IB is obliged to:

2.2. Perform his/her activities in full compliance with his/her local

and international legislation.

2.3. Inform the Company immediately of any interference with

his/her activities.

2.4. To put forth maximal effort into acquiring clients to

the Company.

2.5. Save confidentiality regarding any information which

becomes available to the IB.

2.6. Inform the Company of any facts or circumstances, which

might lead to any potential risks to the Company in case an IB

becomes aware of them.

2.7. Let a client know about the risks of forex trading prior to

opening a real account.

2.8. Inform each potential client of his/her IB status and privileges

prior to entering any agreements of relationship.

2.9. IB is obliged to immediately inform the Company of any

changes in the IB’s contact information.

3. Company obligations :

3.1. Company is obliged to:

3.2. Provide the IB with all the necessary assistance to fulfil the

obligations set forth in the Agreement.

3.3. Pay out IB commission under the conditions of the


3.4. Provide the full range of Company’s services as stated in the

Customer Agreement to the clients attracted by an IB.

3.5. Provide execution for IB clients’ orders and corresponding

calculations for the IB Account. The Company, however, does not

provide statements of Client transactions.

4. IB restrictions :

4.1. IB is prohibited to:

4.2. Use any dishonest or fraudulent advertizing means to

promote the Company’s services. Such may include (but not

limited to):

4.2.1. APS (Active Promotion Systems);

4.2.2. Advertizing on indecent (including

pornographic) websites;

4.2.3. Advertizing on websites, not complying to the IB’s

country legislation;

4.2.4. Spam and spamdexing;

4.2.5. Advertizing containing misleading or distorted

services description, or failure to explain the risks and

services to the customers;

4.2.6. Any other activities which might harm the

Company’s positive image;

4.2.7. Any other ways of fraudulent advertizing;

4.3. Register and/or use domains containing Company’s name or

branding or other subjects of intellectual property.

4.4. Incorporate and/or use a legal entity containing Company’s

name or branding or other subjects of intellectual property.

4.5. Act as a Company representative.

4.6. Use direct Company’s URL in any PPC systems (Google,

Yahoo!, Live, etc) as well as his/her referral link. Redirects or any

other ways of forced (fraudulent) attracting customers to Company’s

website are also prohibited.

4.7. Assume any responsibility on behalf of the Company or place

the Company under any obligations.

4.8. Open real or demo accounts or register in SALMAMARKETS Personal

Area on behalf of the Client, save, store or disclose Client’s access

data or any Client’s personal information.

4.9. Provide any advice to the Client regarding trading strategies,

or in any other way influence the clients’ decisions. The Company

bears no responsibility for the consequences of such advices

4.10. Publish or participate, or cooperate in publishing any

materials in mass media; issue any newsletters, or assist in issuing

or creating any content in newspapers, magazines or other mass

media, blogs, Internet forums, social networks, etc, which

may harm the positive image of the Company.

4.11. Undertake any commitments in the name of the Company,

or bind the Company with any commitments.

4.12. Provide any guarantees and/or promises, make any

statements regarding any payouts or any agreements set

by the Company

4.13. In case of a lawsuit(s) filed against the Company due to the

IB’s breach of the terms and conditions of these Regulations

(including unauthorized actions or statements made by the IB),

the IB shall be held liable for all losses incurred by the

company. Losses shall be understood as expenses the Company

has incurred or will incur restoring its rights and interests (real

losses), as well as the revenue the Company would have earned

under normal business conditions (lost profit), damage of

property interests or the Company’s business reputation as a

result of IB’s failure to fulfil its obligations. The IB has no right to

dispute the amount the Company claims for damages.

4.14. In case an IB breaches the terms and conditions of the

Agreement (fully or partially), the Company reserves the right to

block the IB’s accounts (whether IB or real) and exclude Clients

from the IB’s client list until the IB compensates the losses

suffered from the breach of the Agreement. The Company is

entitled to cover losses inflicted by the IB with money payable to

the IB under the IB Agreement and also under the Client

Agreement and its corresponding regulations.

4.15. IB him- or herself, his relatives or any other affiliated parties

cannot act as the Clients of an IB. Should any data of the IB match

the data of any Client (such as passport data, address, birth date,

telephone, email, IP addresses, etc.), the Client’s login shall

be removed from the IB’s client list and compensation based

on this Client will not be paid. Accounts that share the same IP

address MAY be considered as one active account. Should the IP

address of a Client be the same as that of the IB, they MAY be

considered affiliated and compensation on the account will not

be paid. Such behaviour shall be deemed “Auto-referral activity“.

4.16. In case a Client(s) file any complaints against the activities of

an IB, the IB shall independently address all such complaints.


5. Company rights

5.1. Company reserves a right to:

5.2. Perform control over the of the IB’s activities under the

provisions of the Agreement.

5.3. Request a detailed report from the IB on the latter’s fulfilment

of the provisions of the Agreement.

5.4. Void the Agreement in case the IB fails to attract 5 active

clients within 90 days since registration.

5.5. Void the Agreement in case the IB’s clients’ total deposits are

lower than 15000 USD within 3 months.

5.6. Exclude client(s) from the IB’s referrals (clients) list.

5.7. Modify commission and payouts conditions. Such

modifications are subject to prior written notification.

5.8. Inform the clients, registered under an IB, that the IB receives

commission for their trades (without disclosing any IB data sauch

as any personal information and/or infromation related to the

amount of commission earned/paid out).

5.9. Void the Agreement in case of IB’s failure to meet

its provisions.

5.10. In case an IB uses fraudulent customer acquisition methods,

the Company reserves a right to void the Agreement and cancel

(partially or completely) the IB commission. All the IB’s clients in

this case become direct clients of the Company.

5.11. In case the IB commission amount from single client exceeds

30% of the total IB commission, the Company reserves a

right to cancel such compensation.



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